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We effectively help companies find employees matching their DNA, conducive to the development of engaging workplaces.


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What kind of support you can count on?

Recruitment Marketing

We specialize in attracting the right candidates thanks to a wide range of solutions. Together with you, we will develop an approach that allows you to find the employees that matter to you.


Recruitment events

Share your company culture and let people experience its spirit during an event. Gather specialists from the chosen industry in one place and create an unforgettable experience that will help you build relations with future employees.


Online Events

Increase attraction power with virtual meetings. Reach people from all country in the comfort of their homes. Demonstrate your expert knowledge and strengthen the perception of your company as a place for the best specialists in the industry.


Online Recruitment Campaigns

When regular job offers are not enough, use an approach inspired by the best internet marketing practices. Increase recognition and tell stories about your company using interactive formats.


Online and social media campaigns

Help us advise you on how and through what values your company should communicate with candidates and the general audience. Without a perfectly targeted plan, it’s hard to achieve the intended goals.


Offline campaigns

We can also convey your company’s message and achieve your goals outside. Literally. We’ll help you choose the place, medium and form. All tailored to your budget and expectations.


Communication strategy

Help us advise you on how and through what values your company should communicate with candidates and the general audience. Without a perfectly targeted plan, it’s hard to achieve the intended goals.


Contests and Challenges

Discover unexpected talents that you won’t see in a CV. Organize a competition to observe how individual people handle tasks and assess their real skills in an environment similar to actual work conditions.


Candidate experience

We’ll take care of the overall impression your company leaves on a potential employee. Candidate experiences matter at every stage: from the brand’s appearance in their consciousness to the final stage of recruitment. Let us help you in each of them.


Activities in the Academic Environment

Introduce your employer brand to the best students. All you have to do is choose any university and the goal you want to achieve, and we’ll take care of the rest.


Preparation of Promotional Materials

We will design and create advertising materials for your company. Graphics and banners, websites, career tabs or newsletters.


Custom Solutions

Do you have a unique challenge? We will create a solution tailored to your needs. We will take into account your expectations, the candidate’s perspective, and years of experience in running employer branding projects.

What kind of support you can count on?

Employer branding

Since the beginning of Higher’s existence, we have assumed that the best companies never recruit – they attract! And this is the value we implement above all in building each employer’s branding strategy. It’s time to attract the best talents in the industry!


Image research

Let us answer the most pressing questions about your organization. Let’s take your brand perception to another level among your target audience, also in comparison to your competition. Let’s see how and which promotional activities positively impact the company’s image.


EB and EVP strategy

Let’s develop a joint strategy for your brand as an employer – appropriate and refined on many levels. Let’s identify and focus on every aspect that candidates would want to join your organization for. Let’s emphasize the value of every benefit in the perception of the company as an employer of choice.


Content creation

We create a world of well-thought-out, unique, and goal-oriented content that aligns with the spirit, values, and ambitions of your company.


Image campaigns

The foundation for building brand recognition and the company’s image as a dream employer. A developed image will help you build trust among potential candidates, develop relationships with clients and expand the brand not only in terms of recruitment.

What kind of support you can count on?

Employee experiences

Are you wondering how to approach employee experience in a human and business-oriented way? We will help you choose and implement solutions that increase employee engagement and productivity, as well as allow for bigger identification with the company.


Internal communication

We will make effort to ensure that communication within your company is consistent, transparent, and refined for each channel. Remember that appropriate contact translates into business efficiency and team efficiency.


Organizational culture and values

Through interviews, analysis, and drawing conclusions, we will support you in one of the key elements of building a company. We will consider which areas of team collaboration to improve and how to combine the good of the individual with the ambitions of the whole.


Employee advocacy

There are no better and more convincing ambassadors for your company than current employees. Let us make the brand message credible as a perfect employer, and allow employees to strengthen their personal brand.


HR programs

Discover the great potential in building a valuable team through expanding a priceless community. Referral programs or programs for former employees will allow you to create a network of contacts and automatically take care of more than just the brand image.

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For me, you are at the forefront of Poland and one of the top choices in the context of HR achievements. Thank you for being there and making my work, and the work of dozens of my industry acquaintances, easier.

Krzysztof Krajewski
HR Business Partner (Supporting Functions) Pol&EE

Tailored, high-quality services - that's something I truly value, but what charmed me even more was the professional and extremely friendly customer service. I can always count on it with Higher.

Anna Głownia

Thanks to our collaboration with Higher, we can effectively reach people interested in working in the region and support the development of businesses in Pomerania.


Until now, we have been using traditional methods to search for candidates. Only through a thorough analysis of data and the approach provided by Higher, did we realize how much more effective we can be in this area.

Bartosz Półgrabia


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